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Reliability is a big part of how much I enjoy a truck - the "fun factor." As far as enjoyability, I see the following benefits for the 6.7: 1. Much more low end torque - nicer for towing and general driving. I have a 5.4 now, ….

I've had a 2004, 10, and a 19 Ford V-10. All were great engines. Reliable. _____ Full Timers. 2015 Fleetwood Discovery 40E on a Freightliner XCS chassis with a Cummins ISL9 pulling 1 and/or 2 motorcycles, '07 Honda Accord OR a 17' Runabout Boat. 02-12-2023, 12:40 PM twill. Member . Join Date: Sep 2014. Location: LAS CRUCES NM ...It is somewhat difficult to get a "Wonderful Sound" from the V10. The nature of the exhaust flow of the V10 makes getting the deep growl of a V8 difficult. If you decide to go the V10 route, research different sound clips to make sure you get what you are looking for. I decided to keep mine quiet and strong.

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FYI. "One of the main faults with the early V10 engines ( 1999 – 2005) was that the spark plugs could blow out of the cylinder head. Ford used a cast iron engine block with an overhead cam aluminium cylinder head design, that uses centrally mounted spark plugs and waste spark ignition." Yesterday at 7:10 PM. #13.It is somewhat difficult to get a "Wonderful Sound" from the V10. The nature of the exhaust flow of the V10 makes getting the deep growl of a V8 difficult. If you decide to go the V10 route, research different sound clips to make sure you get what you are looking for. I decided to keep mine quiet and strong.The Years Ford Got It Right. Many consumers point to any V10 Triton produced from 2005 onward as the most reliable model year for the powerplant. In 2005, The V10 Triton adopted a three-valve ...

Ford 6.8 firing order Ford 6.8l v10 engines for sale V8 crate motor Engine v10 ford engines triton 8l combustion dodge hydrogen crate motor internal supercharger f350 diesel lightning used v. ... Ford v10 2002 engineFord problems engine trucks Ford v10 life expectancy guide: reliability and problemsFord problems fix roadsumo.Want to see a particular engine torn down? I may have already done one! I've done well over 20 other teardowns from Cummins to an LS7, and from Rotary to Ram...Enter Ford's 6.2-liter V-8 engine, a motor used in the company's Super Duty lineup as well as in a few F-150s, including the last-generation Ford SVT Raptor, which has been fairly reliable.Durability of the Ford V10. While most consumers already know the reputation of Ford Motor Company, the V10 engine may stand as one of the company's most durable offerings. The vast majority of consumers report satisfaction with the longevity of the V10, noting the minimal amount of maintenance to keep it running well past the 200,000-mile mark.

A similar issue with spark plugs has also been reported on Ford Super Duty F-250 models equipped with the 6.8L V10 engine. In one Vehicle History review posted in October of 2018, owner Nikki S. reports that her spark plugs have "exploded" while driving. Despite this problem, she still gives the vehicle a rating of 3/5 stars in her review.197-365 hp. Torque. 345-388 lb-ft. The Ford 460 engine has a displacement of 460 cubic inches, which is equivalent to 7.5 liters. It also features a 90-degree cylinder angle and an overhead ...Some points about the V10: The hp & torque curves cross @ about 3800 rpms and at that point the engine is at 300hp & 400lb-ft. My truck with auto trans. & 3.73 gears cruises interstate speed at 70mph at 2000rpms. At 2000 rpms the 6.8L is at about 260hp and 380lb-ft. It makes at least 400lb-ft of torque from about 2100rpms to 4000rps after which ... ….

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Ford's 6.8L (413 cubic inch, found in E-Series and F-Series trucks) V10 is part of the company's "modular" engine family (1991 to present), and represents the largest evolution of the design. One way to think of the V10 is as a 4.0L V6 with four extra cylinders or as a 5.4L V8 with two more cylinders.In many standards, the 4.6 is even better than the 5.4. Just matching the 5.4 and the v10 together, the v10 would be any smart mans option especially when some good towing is being done.Plus along with the 4.6,and the V10, these two engine have had the least problems with the blown spark plug issue.

Pound for pound, inch for inch, capability for capability, the Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab V-10 is the best vehicular value on earth.For $33,085 less than a loaded Lexus ES300, our 6660-pound, ...Ford 385 V8. The Ford Modular engine is Ford Motor Company 's overhead camshaft (OHC) V8 and V10 gasoline-powered small block engine family. Introduced in 1990, the engine family received its "modular" designation by Ford for its new approach to the setup of tooling and casting stations in the Windsor and Romeo engine manufacturing plants.Here's The Short Answer To What The Best And Worst Years For The Ford F-250 Are: The best Ford F-250 model years are 2022, 2021, 2014, 2013, 2009, and 2007. The worst model years of the F-250 are 2019, 2017, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2006. This is based on auto industry reviews, NHTSA statistics, reported problems, and consumer feedback.

best 285 75r16 all terrain tires Ford's engineering prowess and long history of making solid engines mean there are plenty of other reliable options from the Blue Oval that’ll last 500,000 miles.Specs for the Ford Triton V-10: 6.8L, V-10 engine. 305 to 362 horsepower. 420 to 457 pound-feet of torque. Around 12,000 pounds or more towing capacity (depending on the year) 14.5 to 15.0 MPG. Keep reading below as we dive deeper into the specifications and answer more questions about the Ford Triton V-10. subaru of sonorafury prot warrior classic Join Date: Oct 2015. Posts: 87. With our 2012 Open Road traveling through the hills in the western states, I found maintaining around 3,300 RPM going up hills worked great. That level is close to the maximum torque rating for the V10 with the 5 speed. Going down steep inclines the tow/haul mode worked excellent.Regardless, Mason points out that when shopping for a used Ford F-150 with the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 or 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, maintenance history is key, as these engines can sludge up pretty quickly when oil change intervals aren't followed, not to mention experience issues with timing components. In terms of common problems, Mason does point ... food lion weekly ad reidsville nc Now that the EcoBoost 2.3L engine has been in use for several years, we can effectively gauge its long-term reliability. In general, the results are impressive. Many models from as far back as 2015 and 2016 are still going strong with six figure mileages and not too many issues. In addition, it’s good to see that Ford has noticed and ... garry's mod fnafdokkan categoriesreusable air filter car Measurement is an important part of the scientific process. The key aspects concerning the quality of scientif Measurement is an important part of the scientific process. The key a... dallas methodist internal medicine residency For 2016, the F650 sports a second-generation 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 diesel engine; that's no surprise. What may come as a surprise is the growing popularity of the gas engine option. A 6.8-liter V10 gas engine is now available for both the F650 and F750. Fleet Equipment Editor Jason Morgan had the chance to get behind the wheel and put ...Apr 13, 2023 · The Ford V10 engine first made its appearance in 1997 as part of Ford’s modular engine family. It was designed to offer a powerful and reliable option for larger trucks and recreational vehicles and quickly gained popularity among consumers. drift masters math playgroundtwo post lift ceiling heightcondos under 300k Ford Triton V-10 engines before 2000. Mission Statement: Supporting thoughtful exchange of knowledge, values and experience among RV enthusiasts. My trustworthy mechanic, tranny specialist told us that the Ford Triton V10's before the year 2000 had massive engine problems they blew pistons and ruined the engine.